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Henrys yo-yos are the first choice for every player! No matter what your skill level or style may be, there's a model in our range for you. From the classic 'Viper' with its adjustable string gap which allows the yo-yo to grow with your increasing abilities, to the high specification Python, built for optimum performance, Henrys have got it covered. We stock streamlined looping yo-yos, unresposnive precision models, goliath-sized off-string yo-yos and essential beginner's choices. We're also proud to be able to offer a full range of Henrys Yo-Yo accesories so that you can modify and adapt your yo-yo to create the prop of your desire. Join us for the ultimate revolution - The Henrys yo-yo revolution that regenerates itself again and again.

For retail supply of Henrys Yo-Yos plaese visit: The Oddballs Juggling Shop

The products and services of Henrys Yo-Yos are available to registered customers, who are looking to purchase Henrys Yo-Yos in quantity. If you think you may be eligible for an account then head to the Account Application page to get started.

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